A short orientation in my site:

History: I write a series of history books for school children, called "Children in Denmark´s History". Number eleven was published recently. The books are published by Alinea, Copenhagen. Every book tells the story of real danish children. They tell the reader about their dailyday life in a special key year, fx 971, 1397, 1534, 1592, 1658, 1872, 1914, 1944, 1971. Through the eyes of the children we discover danish history.

I was teaching history in elementray school for many years until I started studying history at the University of Southern Denmark. I am now a board member at the Funen Historical Society and I write articles on several subjects, specializing in Children´s history.

NEW: Book number 11 in the series Children in Denmark´s History tells about the reformation and is called: "1534. Anne og Jørgen og reformationen".

Story-telling: I am an active story-teller and also an active story-collector. I tell stories in many different places, like schools, libraries, churches and cultural centers. I have a big repertoire, from viking stories and myths to stories from the Middle Eastern countries.

The Story-Bazaar: About ten years ago I started getting interested in stories from our immigrant countries. I started collecting them, spending time with immigrants in Denmark, studying the litterature and travelling in the Middle East, spending time in countries like Palestine and Syria.

I have published the stories in three books in a series called The Story-Bazaar: Stories and History from Turkey, Stories and History from Bosnia & Hercegovina, Stories and History from five arabian countries: Irak, Jordan, Libanon, Palestine and Syria. Between the stories and myths you can read historical facts about the time, the place and the background for the stories. The books are published by the publishing company Ravnerockforlaget.

NEW: Book number four in the series The Story-Bazaar "There was a time. Stories and History from Persia" was published in March.

Paintings: I love painting. My paintings and my research for the books I publish are often mixed, so right now I am painting angels becaus of the title of the newest book in The Story-Bazaar: "An Angel on both Shoulders". The pictures were shown at an exibition in The Odense Central Library in April, May and June 2013.